Judgment Recovery

American Business Resource, LLC will purchase your Judgment and pay you for the Judgment after we recover your money from the debtor or you can choose to cash out and we will make you an upfront cash offer. After we receive your Judgment, our team of Recovery Specialists will begin the recovery process and get your money back to you.

  • Individuals
  • Small & Large Corporations
  • Investors
  • Collections Agencies

Digital Forensics Services

  • E-Discovery Services
  • Litigation Services
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Data & Evidence Acquisition

Legal Service of Process

We also offer a full service of Landlord options including location and service of legal process to the tenants that have absconded from your rentals. As a full licensed Private Detective Agency, our trained Field Investigators utilize industry leading software to accommodate your rental and leasing business.

Landlord & Tenant

Let us do the hard work so you can choose those most likely to fulfill a lease. Let our criminal searches and licensed Private Detectives help you determine if a potential tenant has a background of violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crimes. You can't lease to the right people if you don't know who they are.

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